Magical One


Not much time left. 5 hours and 41 minutes. Sitting right next to the Christmas tree, which still smells great. Son is watching yet another youtube video , father is sipping his coffee on the terrace. Coldish and windy up here. Sun is about to go down.

So right before I go up to get ready for tonight I thought perhaps I should write a bit. Not enough time to complete the next chapter , but long enough   to remember the lovely times we had with my family the past week.


Before that we had 2 days in London. To shop , take in the Christmas lights and visit  Hamleys. Halfway through A gave up and decided to wait for us outside. We had a ball inside, trying out games, watching magic tricks, ….I am still a child at heart. Enjoyed sumptuous breakfast at Corinthia. Actually loved everything in that hotel, from the decoration to the lighting in the bathroom. But I think I did mention it earlier.



Finally been to the Harry Potter Warners Brothers Studio…another must have if you haven’t done it yet. Sat on the train, bought Harry Potter’s magic wand, had butterbeer.  Probably that caused our son to throw up in the car on our way to the airport. Driver wasn’t too happy about it, I think he made us miss our plane on purpose.

So after spending a night at the airport hotel we arrived a day late to Madeira. My mum and niece came a few hours later.

The next 6 days were spent visiting all the sights that a first timer should visit on this island.


Been to Cabo Girao, several other viewing points, Calhetta, visited the natural pools of Porto Moniz, the caves at Sao Vicente, Paul de Mar, Jardin do Mar.  Spent some time wandering around at Sao Lourenzo. Saw the thatched roofed houses in Santana (perhaps that is the place I like the least….), Cristo Rei at Garajau and walked barefoot on the beach at Machico.


After a while son and father had enough, so only the three of us went up to Monte on the teleferico to visit the Botanical Garden, wander around the old town…


Had regular breakfast stops at the Ritz. Strong capuccinos for us, weak one for niece. She is called Berill, a beautiful name, isn’t it?

Scones, waffles, name it, we had it. She fell in love with Brisa  ( the national soft drink) and Bolo de Caco. ( the soft garlicky, buttery bread).

And Ronaldo. By the end she kept telling A that ” I love Brisa, Bolo de Caco and Ronaldo”. So easy to make her happy.

It wasn’t the case with my mum. She complained about almost everything. A was pretty tolerant, perhaps more accepting than I am. “Blamed ” it on old age…


It was too hot, too cold, too windy, too sunny…too salty…hard to please her. But I still try…She is my mum after all.


So back to where we were…I just want to make everyone happy! And I’d like to be happy! For now I would settle on a glass of champagne…








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