Tough Choice

tough choice


Got an email from son’s teacher today. It says ” Your child has missed several of the Adolphus Tips audio files . Go to the google drive and try to listen to them. You will have to download them in order to to do that.”


Yeah, right, piece of cake. Figured we ‘ve got just enough time before going out to have dinner.

My son starts doing it, after all it is his homework. Me busy with writing a post about Porto. He tries to download it, but an error message pops up.

We are not the types who quit easily, so download an app on the iPad to help to download the file. Doesn’ t work either.

Trying to save the audio files to the Macbook. Nothing.


Get outside help, him sending a website from where if you register you can download the files apparently with one of their apps.

I don’t understand. Son neither. We are lost.

Next tip.  Right click of the mouse, click save. Right click, again nothing.

Right click, then save file …save as….

Question is, where to? And if I do, what will happen?

Our tech savvy friend in desperation asks us to send him the  password to the google drive folder  and plans to save the audio files once he had his dinner.

Fingers crossed.

Been thinking. Don’t want no VLC, no audio converts to AIFF, FLAC and God know what…don’t even understand half of it, if not all of it.

People are reading iBooks on the planes, on the beach. Seeing less and less people holding real books on the Tube. Why can’t we just read real books anymore? Go to the bookshops or the libraries and read? Properly page by page. Like in the old days.

Starting to feel ancient.

So after spending about 2 hours of our precious time in London  ( going home tomorrow )  we still haven’t got a clue about Adolphus Tips adventures. ….


No, that is not true.

Actually my son right now is lying in bed hugging his dog and listening to it, courtesy of iBooks, cost 9.95 .Though money can’t buy happiness, but it can certainly buy time  I can spend on writing about something else other than flipping Adolphus Tips.


So what’s next? Either I sign up for some advanced computer courses, perhaps some refreshing beginner ones as well, or start having  a closer relationship with the tech savy guy, so he would be always there to help. Hmm… Tough choice :)

P.s.: My son thinks  I am destroying the forest and our planet with my real paper book obsession of mine. We’ve still got some, the pic is the proof. :)

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