2 Weeks And Still Counting

2 Weeks And Still Counting

It’s been over 2 weeks… is it getting better? Yes. It is a definite yes. But there are some bumbs on the road to happiness. :)

We’ve had our cleaning lady ( Lourdes) for a week. Hmm, what should I say? It’s a struggle. Perhaps she will encourage me to learn Portuguese even faster. She doesn’t speak a word of English, so we communicate with a translating app which is not always 100% accurate… which led us to a lot of confusion.

Still A tells me to give her time. I don’t think I should be explaining/demonstrating to someone how to clean a bathtub or a toilet. Assumed it’s basic knowledge, especially for someone who is trying to make a living out of it. But I am patient. We have time after all. And our dog is getting used to her, so that is a plus sign.

2 Weeks
As for Mattie, he is his usual self, perhaps a bit more afraid of strangers, dogs. He is barking his head off upon seeing that vicious street cat parading up and down the stone wall, then quickly runs back to Daddy ( A) to protect him. He seemed to have developed a strong attachment to him, hardly ever leaves his sight, snuggles up to him or just sits on his lap if he needs reassurance .

2 Weeks7

Tried taking him to Praia Formosa ( a pebble stoned beach close to our home), but the sights and smells were too much for him, couldn’t even take a step without pulling his leash.

Can’t believe I am saying this, but I am looking forward to cooler times, when there will be less people on the beach. Exactly how I envisioned it. Just Mattie and I and the great big ocean.

As for our garden, it’s still a great big mess, Mr Tulipa hasn’t gotten back to us. He sent one of his guys though to check it out. Finally had someone to talk about gardening. A guy from Camacha, who prefers the mountains to city life. To A’s surprise  I am not the only one.

Good news: they do have a type of sour cherry tree, but continental fruit trees grow at about 500+ m above sea level. Same goes for magnolias, azaleas. He recommended mango tree and the ordinary orchid tree for our garden. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty again.

Our son is fine. He’s got his gaming Pc Setup( early birthday and Christmas present), got his sofa, earplugs and his music, it’s pure bliss for him.

Started to discover the island, or more like looking for flat, open spaces for Mattie to run around. So far no luck.

2 Weeks5

We’ve visited Poiso ( we’ve had a snow ball fight there a couple of years ago), Machico beach and yesterday  Santo de Serra.

2 Weeks6

2 Weeks4

Luckily on a Sunday. They have an amazing market, selling fruits, veggies, some crafts, plants. People lining up for grilled chicken, selling bolo de caco on the roadside.

2 Weeks2

2 Weeks3

I would have thought that it will be cooler there, but at 700 m above sea level still it was way above 30.
They’ve got a nice park with some horses, camellias, perhaps a place for Mattie to run around?

A thinks that I worry too much about our dog and he is perfectly fine in this garden and with the leashed walks we take him on…

Is he? Am I?

Perhaps I feel caged in. Now that we have people living on the 5th floor above us and a family to right it’s even more “zoo like”.

But as my sis told me, I should just accept things the way they are and enjoy what I have. Life is too short to complain about it.

So here, I solemnly declare that I will make the most of my stay in Madeira and make my dreams come true.

My Enchanted can wait for me.

2 Weeks8

Now, let me look up the word “limescale” and “don’t forget to vacuum under the beds” in Portuguese.

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