Feel Free Again

Feel free again

Yes, another post.. So many words left unsaid, so many thoughts not shared, sights and smells not appreciated…. feel like a pot which has been overfilled, and the water is pouring over the rim, cascading down the side, down to the ground which is so dry and parched, that even that cannot absorb it.

Comparing myself to a pot, this is what 2 weeks in Madeira does to you…

No, let’s be serious.

The thing is, that I am an introvert by nature, but with the right people I become a chatterbox ready to share every thought that pops into my head.

This has never been like this with A, he wastes no time on small talk, opens his mouth only if he has something important to say.
Plus we haven’t lived together since the birth of our son. And he will be 12 soon. Sure, we did spend vacations, a week or two here and there together, but nothing like this.

So the key word is adjusting. We are all trying to adjust. Trying.

The other day coming home from walking our dog, I strolled into the garden and told him while wiping the sweat off my face that it’s soo hot.
He just looked up and asked me not to repeat it again, since we all know it’s hot, it has been this hot for the past week and probably it will be like this for another month, so there is absolutely no point in mentioning it every single time I come in.

Was he right? Absolutely. It is hot. It was hot. It will be hot. But I wanted to share how I felt. What is wrong with that?

Small things that bug me. Small things become bigger things…

I’ve known him for 26 years. Imagine that. Yet he is still a mystery to me and I bet you anything that he still doesn’t have a clue about me, the real me.

Then why are we together, you might ask…

I like challenges .Challenges scare me, but I thrive on them. He is a challenge. I’ve got so many questions unanswered, so many things in the past unexplained, and I need answers. Intend to get them here. Hopefully I will succeed.

Beside the heat the mosquitoes are a problem as well.

I remember our tour guide telling us on our first visit to Madeira ( 4 years ago) that there are no bugs, no mosquitoes at all in Madeira. And for sure, our hotel room doors were left open, and nothing ever happened.

But now…they are eating us alive. Little sneaky ones, I don’t even see them, they are so small. And they bite during daylight, do not wait for the darkness to come. Really weird ones. We are all covered in spots that itch like hell.

On the cleaning lady front, I think we are progressing. Wrote, translated and sent the instructions to her on Whatsapp, so she will always know what to do.

She unhinged the shower glass door again, has the tendency to do things like that. Definitely not letting her use the washing machine and the drier. She will do for now. Wish I could talk to her, get to know her better…
I know she has a grandchild, or a son perhaps? Trying to pretend that she is not here, so I can get on with my things.

Although finding  it hard to just sit while someone else is working around me. Never had a cleaning lady before. Did have someone who came to wash the windows and clean the apt at the lake, but I was never there.

Funny how she can sense my uneasiness. Her hours are from 15.00-18.00. Yesterday at 18.35. she started gathering her bags, getting ready to leave. I was gonna let her do that…probably she has a bus to catch and the next one comes after an hour or so…or so I thought.

A walked through the door, and she immediately put away her bag, took out the sponge and started cleaning the window in is room. I must be more assertive.

So where do we go to get some fresh air in this heat? My perfect place to escape to?

The Palheiro Estate. Can’t get enough of it. While we were staying in the villa, I used to walk all the way up to Casa Velha and back, taking some photos along the way.

Now we drive. Driving there is not a problem for me anymore.

Feel free again3

Feel free again4

At the Golf Club the view is to die for, in the morning it is perfectly shady and cool. Their menu is fantastic, vegetables come from the estate, locally grown. Love their salads, the grilled veggies with goat cheese. And the peace and quite, wide open space as far as you can see …feel free again…

Feel free again2

Feel free again8

Feel free again9

P.s1.: I am still struggling with citylife.

P.s2.: Next post  will be about the things I love about our life in Madeira, because there are quite a few.  Let you know soon enough. :)

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