Welcome 2018

2018 Welcome

2018. I welcome you with open arms, heart full of hopes, mind full of ideas. I have faith in you!

Basically I am in a positive mood.

The first day of the year is almost over, got less than 5 hours to come up with something presentable.

Actually, less than half an hour, till dinner is fully cooked. So here I go….

Did I mention ( sure I did last year :) ) that we believe that whatever we do on the first day of the year, that is what we will be doing for the rest of it.

So, you shouldn’t be working, cleaning, doing laundry ( oops, second batch is in the dryer ), must avoid chores.

Must do fun stuff, eat and drink, and basically enjoy life.

Did I do good so far?? Hmmm…

Woke up early, Mattie , our dog wanted to start the year sooner than I hoped for. There goes me sleeping in…

Spent a luxurious hour in the jacuzzi with a hot coffee,yess!

Walked, hiked for 2 hours, taking delicious, foggy pics, another tick mark.

Watched a movie from almost the beginning till the end, with my furry child snuggling in my lap, definitely a plus.

Scrubbed muddy boots.But if I have to do this every day because I’ve been for a hike, well I don’t mind it at all.

And now preparing dinner… eating the actual dinner and another snuggle , cuddle with my son to finish the day.


Now I just have to come up with something exciting to write about …than I will be set for the whole year…
Did I miss anything?

I could think of zillion other things, like seeing the first snow drops after the long winter months, the smell of apple pie, the warmth of the crackling fire, the smell of sun kissed skin, the earthy aroma of Madeira, the feeling of total but exhilarating exhaustion after a brutal run (more like chase )after our dog.

The pride I felt while watching my son playing the piano in the school, the joy of lots of features on the Instagram account, adjusting to a new life with our dog, watching him grow, behave and misbehave.

But that is another story. Mattie deserves his own post. Which he will get. His turn next.

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