Soo Good



It feels good. So good.

The soft drizzle on my skin early afternoon.

The morning sunshine that finds me in my pyjamas in the garden , nursing my cup of coffee.

The gentle, welcoming voice of Christina at La Ao Fundo, genuinely happy to see us.

The sight of the cruise ships in the harbour.

The almost too much Christmas lights on the streets.

The ever smiling Christmas elves (girls).

The oh so strong , nothing is left out of it mojitos.

The sales lady who helped us carry the curtain rods all the way up to the taxi .

The most delicious cheesy pastry at our cafe at Forum Madeira.

The efficient gardeners who turned that empty patch of land into a garden in less than 2 days.

…and I can go on and on and on….

Madeira welcomes me with open arms, every single time I come. The minute I get off the airplane, that soft, scented humidity of hers envelopes my body and soul, muting out that little voice in my head that tries to remind me of all the problems left behind, diminishing all my worries.

Madeira is my Time Out place, where I get to sit back and regain my focus on life. In the chaos of everyday life I tend to forget who I am , what my dreams are…
So before real life sucks me in again, I’ve got 4 more days of dreaming.

Meanwhile the apartment is almost ready, Monday is the handover day. So many more things to do, furniture to be delivered, assembled, curtains to be fixed, gardener to be found. But these are things I do best. That is the easy part.

Want to know what is the hard part?

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