We all have regrets. Some of us more than others. Like living the life your parents wanted you to live, marrying the wrong one, not taking that job offer, not travelling enough before you settled down, being indecisive , being too selfish, or not being selfish enough…

Starting a family  too early, too late, saying no when we actually wanted to say yes, not willing to take chances, or taking too many chances…

Not kissing enough frogs before we found prince charming, or kissing way too many frogs,…

Thinking, reasoning instead of listening to our heart…

What is your regret??

Want to know mine?

Regret not having more children. Deeply regret it. 
Always wanted to have 3.

I’ve got only one. A gorgeous 10 years old boy, the love of my life. Regret giving in to my husband’s wishes, regret thinking that if I’ve kept that baby, than he would leave me. Back than I was weak. Chose him over my unborn baby. Deeply regret it. Turns out I was wrong. I didn’t even have to choose….

Well, there is no point in thinking what might have been….

But when you find your son sobbing in his room uncontrollably, you wonder if you’ve made the right decision.  ( Deep in my heart I know I made the wrong one, and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. )

You see, the past few days he spent quite a lot of time with his friend and his friend’s sister. A wonderful, cute, almost 8 years old little girl. After saying good bye to them today, he realised that he is on his own again.

He cries and cries and keeps asking me the same question. “Why don’t I have a little brother or little sister Mum?”

My answer is “ I wish …”

He goes to his Dad. He says. ” Not everybody has siblings  son. ”

He begs us to adopt….Doesn’t matter if he is small or older, doesn’t even mind if he/she is a baby, cries all the time, he just doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

My heart is breaking….while wiping his tears away I reassure him that having a puppy will be almost like having a little brother….a furry little brother…

Yeah , right…who am I kidding?????

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